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This form is to enroll in the University of Pittsburgh's Master of Data Science (MDS) Performance-Based Admission (PBA) course, Data-Centric Computing. Enrollment in this course signifies intent to pay. Instructions on how to pay will be sent to you after this form is received.

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The Data-Centric Computing course provides an introduction to programming, data processing, data mining and applied machine learning using Python for highly motivated students with little or no prior experience in programming. Focusing on learning the basics of Python programming language, you'll implement these basics in various contexts throughout the course.

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I have reviewed the tuition payment information outlined on the Performance-Based Admissions Enrollment page, and I understand that I will receive information about how to submit payment for this course from the Student Payment Center, which must be paid by the payment due date for the course's term

I understand that the PBA course tuition cost is $1,500 ($500 tuition per credit) plus mandatory fees. The tuition and mandatory fees are listed on Pitt's tuition site.